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The History of More Than a Smile Orthodontics

More Than A Smile Orthodontics Has Come a Long, Long Way!

The history of More Than a Smile Orthodontics goes back quite some time! Our practice began in 1957 by Dr. Robert Evans at 5893 Main Street in a beautiful three-story colonial house at the corner of Highland Road. Dr. Evans practiced alone until 1968, when Dr. Barry Wood joined him, returning to New York after completing his Air Force commitment. Once Dr. Wood joined the practice, the Elma orthodontic office was opened at the corner of Bullis and Bowen roads.

In 1979, Dr. Alan Patrignani joined the practice following his graduation from SUNY Buffalo Dental School and the SUNY Buffalo Orthodontic Program. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Evans retired.

In 1981, Dr. Charles Kohout joined the practice after graduation from SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry and completing his Orthodontic Residency at Loyola University of Chicago. We then became a group of three orthodontists: Drs. Wood, Patrignani, and Kohout. At the time, our office was one of the few multi-doctor practices in New York State in which all of the doctors were board certified.

We continued as a three-doctor practice until Dr. Wood retired in 1998. At that time, the two remaining doctors decided to continue the practice, and we moved to our present location. For our new headquarters, we built a beautiful new clinical space, updated our equipment, and computerized our office to increase our efficiency. Our practice continued on with two doctors until Dr. Patrignani retired in 2012.

Our team at More Than A Smile currently practices state-of-the-art orthodontics – including metal braces, Damon braces, and clear braces – and we are a proud Preferred Invisalign Provider.

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To visit one of our expert orthodontists in New York and see why More Than A Smile Orthodontics maintains its stellar reputation to this day. Call our Elma or Williamsville orthodontic offices at 716.633.4747 or click here to use our convenient online appointment form. We look forward to meeting you!

5-Star-Rated Elma & Williamsville, NY, Orthodontist
for Braces & Invisalign
"We have had an extremely positive experience at More Than A Smile Orthodontics. The combination of an enthusiastic staff, knowledgeable assistants and experienced and compassionate doctors, makes for great treatment - both for the patient and the parents, too!"- Suzanne S. 5 star
"Two of our children are patients at More than a Smile. The entire staff is friendly and always available to answer questions and help in any way needed. They offer compassionate care. Emergency appointments are made very quickly which is evidence to how they treat their patients. I would recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic care. Our kids have had zero anxiety because of how wonderful their experience has been."- Kate V. 5 star
"From the beginning and throughout the process, the providers take the time to explain the treatment plan well to both the parents and children. The office staff is welcoming and appointments always run on time. The contests and point system keeps the kids motivated. The end results are beautiful!"- Dan W. 5 star
"I have been very happy with the treatment my family has received from More Than a Smile Orthodontics. The staff is friendly, accommodating to our hectic schedules, and always willing to take the time to answer my questions. I am a former patient, and when it came time to choose an orthodontist for my own children's braces, I did not think twice about bringing them to More Than a Smile."- Kelly S. 5 star
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More Than a Smile Orthodontics offers the most advanced orthodontic care for children and adults. Our treatment options include braces, clear braces, Invisalign, Damon braces, early orthodontic treatment for children and more. We’re ready to help you achieve a healthy smile in less time! Call 716.633.4747 today to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist at one of our conveniently located orthodontic offices in Williamsville or Elma.
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